Identify Vita Glow Products are Real or Fake by Scanning the Barcode

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In addition to ensuring that you get all of Vita Glow products’ benefits, manufacturers of Vita Glow also ensure that you get the real authentic Vita Glow product by following a strict barcoding process.

Vita Glow’s Barcoding Process

The manufacturers follow perfect logistics and use technologies like barcode scanning to prevent duplication. Vita Glow products come with proper UPC and EAN codes that the manufacturers print on the products’ boxes and containers. Vita Glow’s products are properly barcoded following the right barcoding protocols. The product is registered with GS1 and has an authentic GS1 Company Prefix and GS1 Identification Keys. The barcodes contain standard product information with a proper GS1 company prefix and unique identification numbers for each variation of the product or each new product. As Vita Glow products go through wholesale logistical processes, they also come with special symbols that differentiate them between Warehouse and Point-Of-Sale scanning. Vita Glow’s EAN/UPC symbols can be scanned in any part of the world. Its special logistical scanning processes uses ITF-14 to ensure the shipped products are real and authentic, throughout the whole of the logistical processes.

Printing Barcodes on Vita Glow

The manufacturers also ensure that barcodes get printed on the right surfaces using the right kind of printers meant for the particular barcoding technology. They take into account the kind of static or dynamic information encoded on the barcodes and choose the right printing method accordingly. Vita Glow uses proper digital and or traditional offset printing as appropriate depending upon the type of information encoded through the barcodes.

Packaging for Barcodes

The packaging is also engineered to perfectly retain the bar-code printing area throughout the sales process to make it easy for warehouses and retailers to scan. Both the product container and the (corrugated) carton packaging have the bar-codes printed in the right orientation and direction. Someone who manufactures counterfeit goods will not be able to imitate all these specifications, configurations and guidelines. It is further verified using ISO/IEC method through which the symbols and codes get graded as well.

Universal Verifiability

Vita Glow’s barcodes, UPC/EAN or unique identification numbers or symbols can be universally verified. Due to the sophistication of the barcoding, printing and scanning processes, it is not easy for a fake goods manufacturer to reproduce all of them, as accurately as the original manufacturers. Vita Glow products are universally verifiable using their barcodes and UPC/EANs.

The Scanning Process

When it comes to scanners, you can use conventional 1D or 2D scanners, as the manufacturers ensure that products can be universally scanned with all sorts of scanning devices. You can use even a basic contact scanner, infrared perpendicular beam scanners or omnidirectional scanners. The latter uses light grids instead of a single beam of light.

The Vita Glow Care

Vita Glow products can be scanned both at warehouses and point-of-sale stages of the sales process. It is important to check for barcodes, although Vita Glow manufacturers ensure perfect foolproof logistics, till it reaches the hands of the wholesaler. The manufacturers also follow stringent guidelines, quality standards and procedures in choosing wholesalers. So, coming across a fake Vita Glow product is almost impossible. You can also verify the same by scanning Vita Glow’s barcodes.